The “E.M.C. Srl” was founded in 1989 and earned over the years, major awards in both the public and private sectors.

We are pleased to point out that EMC provides its partners and suppliers a technical structure that includes 3 experienced engineers and staff with departmental heads in quality, environment and administration.

The operational structure is composed of 30 highly qualified and productive units that meet all the points in the rules for workplace safety regulations, boasting training courses such as:

  • PEI-PES-PAV in accordance with CEI 11-27;
  • Conductors with PLE (elevating work platforms) without stabilizers and stabilizers in accordance with the State-Regions Agreement of 22/02/2012 and D.lgs. N.81 April 9, 2008 and subsequent amendments art. 73;
  • Conductors bridge crane slide, Jib Cranes, Crane Stand, etc.., Including various types of blocks, hooks according to D.lgs. No. 81.2008 of 09.04.2008 and subsequent amendments that the agreement of the State-Regions under Article 4 of the Dlgs.281.1997 of 28.08.1997;
  • Conductors of self-propelled telescopic boom forklifts and telescopic rotary according to D.lgs. April 9, N. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments art. 73;
  • Fire emergency workers – average risk according to D.lgs. no. 81/2008 and D.M. 10/03/1998;
  • First Aid responders under the D.M. 388/2003.